Healthy Directions

Dec 13, 2018
6 pm

Target:  A Healthy Weight and a Healthier You

Take aim toward a new, healthier lifestyle with Healthy Directions, a program designed to combine a healthy diet, behavior modification and exercise - all of the essential components of a successful weight-loss plan.

Offered by dietitians at Sarah Bush Lincoln and open to the general public, Healthy Directions is not just a way to lose weight, but also a proven method to help people achieve a lifetime of sustained and healthy weight. 

Healthy Directions is a cost-effective course with proven success. The initial individual consultation fee is $39 for each 15 minutes with a registered dietitian, plus a $35 monthly fee. This six-month course provides an individual assessment by a registered dietitian with meal plans based on the findings.

Weekly group meetings include nutrition education, behavior modification techniques, lifestyle management topics and support. The informational meetings will be held the second Thursdays at 6:00 pm in the Lumpkin Family Center for Health Education, at Sarah Bush Lincoln.

For more information contact Denise Bloemer,MS, RDN, LDN, Registered Dietitian at 258-2199.


Location: Lumpkin Family Center for Health Education

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Denise Bloemer, RD