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Illinois Tobacco Quitline

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Telephone Numbers and Contact Information:

1-866-784-8937 Quitline

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Program/Service Notes:

QUITTING TOBACCO - HOW IT WORKS Getting Started - Participating groups and individuals receive instructional materials about our service. Convenient access - Callers are greeted by a live medical professional through our toll-free services, 7am-11pm (Central Time) seven days a week. Voice messages can be left at any time after hours and will be returned the next business day. Information can be accessed via the Internet at any time. Assessing needs - Professional counselors ask the callers about readiness to quit, history of tobacco use and previous quit attempts. Customizing a Program - A cessation program is customized each caller's needs. Reinforcement - A quit-kit including self help materials, information about nicotine replacement therapies, and requested health information is mailed to the caller. Follow-up - Our counselors maintain weekly communication with participants for a minimum of six weeks. Thereafter, follow-up calls are made at three months, six months and twelve months. Tracking Success - Each call/counseling session is well documented. Data is available as needed to monitor success of the overall program. Feedback - An evaluation of the program is completed by each caller and participating group. Whole Health - Our counselors are qualified to discuss all issues relating to lung health. Physician referrals and information about medicines and treatments are also available.
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