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We would like to make Sarah Bush Lincoln Dental Services your Dental Home!

Sarah Bush Lincoln Dental Services provides a dental home for children and women whose dental health needs would otherwise go untreated. SBL Dental Services are coordinated by dentists to establish and maintain dental health for our patients. The goal of a dental home is for patients to receive continuous dental care, under the same dental provider, year after year. Our dental program is a collaborative effort between Sarah Bush Lincoln Health System, Lake Land College Dental Hygiene Program, and volunteer dentists.

2016 Annual Report

Who can receive treatment? 

  • Children age 10 months to 18 years who receive benefits through AllKids or Medicaid insurance.
  • Mothers with dependent children who qualify for Medicaid or W.I.C. and have no other private dental insurance

All treatment and screenings are provided at no cost or out-of-pocket expense to the patient. The service area includes nine counties: Clark, Coles, Cumberland, Douglas, Edgar, Effingham, Jasper, Moultrie and Shelby.

What services are available through SBL Dental Services?

  • Oral Health Education

SBL’s full-time oral health educator Loraine Horsley, CDA, offers dental health education to school-aged children at community schools, community events, children’s summer camps, parent meetings, pre-natal education classes, health fairs and more.

Loraine Horsley can be reached at 1-877-511-2602.

  • In-School Dental Services

Our services are delivered in schools so children have easy access to dental care. A School Registration Packet must be completed and returned to the child’s school each school year. Please follow the link for this packet.

What dental services are provided at school?

  • Dental screening examination can be completed for all children. These screenings meet the State of Illinois dental examination requirement for pre-K, kindergarten, second grade and sixth grade students.
  • Preventive services -   eligibility requirements apply*

- Dental Cleaning
- Fluoride Treatment
- Sealants

*All school-aged children who receive benefits through Medicaid/All Kids insurance or are enrolled in the Free or Reduced School Lunch program can receive these services.

  • The SBL Mobile Dental Clinic

Once children have completed preventive services, additional care that may be needed is provided on our 40-foot mobile clinic. This beautifully designed child-friendly dental clinic is self-contained and features three dental chairs, digital X-ray equipment, and electronic dental charts for each patient. Kids love it because they are entertained with movies while receiving services. This makes going to the dentist fun and more relaxing!

SBL dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants provide the care in this clinic.

What dental services are provided on the mobile dental clinic?

- Comprehensive dental examination
- Fillings, services restoring teeth to health *
- Removal of teeth that cannot be saved *
- X-Rays *

*All school-aged children who receive benefits through Medicaid/All Kids Insurance or are enrolled in the Free or Reduced School Lunch program can receive these services.

What dental services are provided to children, age 10 months to age 5 years?

Young children who have AllKids or Medicaid insurance, or who are enrolled in the county W.I.C. program are eligible to receive dental screening examinations, dental cleanings and applications of fluoride varnish annually. These services are provided by appointment by calling 1-877-511-2602.

Why is it important for children younger than school age to receive dental services?

The American Dental Association recommends that children should receive their first dental examination by age 1. Great care is taken to make this first dental experience a happy one. While the parent or guardian holds the child, teeth are cleaned and a fluoride treatment is applied. Oral health education is provided to the parent or guardian to explain the health of the child’s teeth, provide instruction for daily home care and recommendations for a tooth friendly diet.

What dental care is provided for women with dependent children who qualify for Medicaid or W.I.C. and have no other private dental insurance?

A woman who qualifies for SBL Dental Services should call to attain details about our program and to schedule an appointment, 1-877-511-2602.

How can adults who do not qualify for SBL Dental Services receive dental care?

  • To locate a dental provider in the State of Illinois who accepts Medicaid, please call DentaQuest of Illinois at 1-888-286-2447.
  • Lake Land College Dental Hygiene Clinic also offers teeth cleanings and dental X-rays. The college charges a minimal fee for these services. Please call 217-234-5249 for an appointment.

Restorative dental care for children on the Free or Reduced School Lunch program is made possible by funding from WomenConnected .

For more information on SBL Dental Services, or to schedule an appointment for a screening, please call us toll-free at 1-877-511-2602.

SBLHS Dental Clinic
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